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Top Free Wordpress CMS Themes

Wordpress is currently the best blogging platform available on the internet today. It is a state-of-the-art platform that can stand as a blog, as a tumblelog, as photo gallery and also as a CMS. You may ask how as a CMS?

Well, it is a platform you are familiar with, it is extensible, extendable and very much customizable. There are tons of themes available for Wordpress. With a couple of tweaks and plugins, Wordpress can function as a full fledged CMS. On top of that, most of the new start-ups these days select Wordpress as their CMS setup.

Some days back, I read this post on StudioWorpress and got the idea of gathering the best wordpress themes available, which are best suited for a CMS and present them here on Sizlopedia. So here we are, with the best of Wordpress themes for a CMS!

The Unstandard

A WordPress theme comprised of a - grid aligned - images for forward facing pages, and clean textual presentation on the inner pages. Two column theme, with a neat a organized front page. Pictures add to the beauty of the theme. The search bar and the nav-bar and nicely designed


Wordpress Grid Focus

Another great choice for a CMS. It is a 3 column theme, quite minimalistic and elegant to look at. The extreme left column can carry the news on your site, the middle one can show links and reference material for your visitors and the right column can show advertisements or popular content.


Mimbo Magazine

Mimbo is a magazine-style Wordpress theme which makes extensive use of WP’s template tag system to create a non-traditional layout. It contains no images and only minimal CSS styling. Mainly it exists as a clean, grid-based starter layout for designers to install and style to their own liking. Best suited for news sites.



Linoluno is a gorgeous looking theme where the content is presented in a very pleasing way. You have a featured post column in the front and other posts below it, carrying a description and a picture alongwith. It is a simple and neat theme for a magazine-styled site. The theme use the Wordpress’ template tags quite extensively but still, it is very easy to use.


The Morning After

Quite a popular theme is The Morning After and one of the best crafted with the professional look you will need for your website. The theme was created based on a brief survey on the WordPress forums about what people would want to see in a unique magazine-style theme. It supports widgets and provides all the features you expect from a kickass theme ;)



You have to see it to believe it. Arthemia is a true wordpress CMS theme! It carries a featured article space, a beautiful navbar and good placements for advertisements. In the middle of the front page, Arthemia has a nice blue-and-black category bar which will help your readers exploring you site. At the bottom, Arthemia is outfitted with a must-have section, a three-list of favorite posts.


WP Magazine Theme

Another Magazine Styled theme with the Popular, Latest and Sponsors’ columns at the first glance. A feature rich theme which will power your CMS setup. Carries a dropdown navigation, is widget capable, can easily be monetized and also has a place for putting up a video!


I hope you enjoyed the post :D

This is a guest post by Keshav. He is an enthusiastic young freelance writer who likes blogs and web apps.

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Google Knol is now Open to Everyone

Google Knol, the Wikipedia-like service that was released in its first alpha phase in December last year is now available to everyone.

Though the key concept of both Google Knol and Wikipedia is same but both services focus on different aspects of open-source knowledge sharing and in no way Google Knol can be tagged as a Wikipedia Killer.


As discussed by me already, Google Knol does not fall under the standard definition of a Wiki and also focuses on authorship while Wikipedia is free for everyone to edit and focuses on content. So basically both the services are different.

In Google Knols, authors can write on any article known as a Knol and each Knol is associated with an author which describes only their views and opinion so of course there can be multiple Knols on a particular subject.

Another cool feature of Google Knol is moderated collaboration which allows users from all over the world to suggest changes to a Knol and the author has full right to accept, reject or alter the suggest change. This makes Google Knol more social and interactive.

More features include comments, rate, review and Google Adsense revenue sharing.

To get started with a Knol, follow the link.

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Manage Photos, Ringtones, Contacts on iPhone using iPhone PC Suite

Being an iPhone user myself I dearly respect the sentiments of other iPhone users who are annoyed by the difficulties offered by iPhone in managing media, contacts and files.

Unlike Nokia phones, the iPhone does not come with a standard PC suite software. However developers from China have created an iPhone PC Suite for Windows that is going to make your iPhone life a whole lot easier.


iPhone PC Suite is a media manager for iPhone on Windows. It is one of the best software that can manage all parts of your iPhone through your PC e.g. SMS, Apps, Contacts, Calendar, iPod and Photos.

The application is in its very early stages but already serves as the best iTunes alternative with some minor bugs.

Some awesome features of iPhone PC Suite are:

  • Download & Upload pics to and from PC and iPhone
  • Manage Camera, Calendar and Contacts
  • Send/Receive text messages on iPhone through your PC
  • Easy Backups and Restore
  • Create custom Ringtones and Wallpapers

I am currently using this application to manage my iPhone on Windows and it is simply terrific. The application just requires iTunes, a Jailbroken iPhone and Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 to work.

If you own an iPhone, this software is a must have. I will update this post once I confirm whether this application works for iPhone Firmware 2.0 too or not.

Download iPhone PC Suite

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Close All Websites in Firefox Before Boss Approaches the Cubicle

Panic is like the perfect boss key for Firefox. It will not just prevent you from getting into an embarrassing situation but boss may even leave your office cubicle totally impressed.


You press a keyboard shortcut and all website tabs open inside Firefox will close automatically.

To give boss an impression that you weren’t wasting time, you can configure Panic to replace all open tabs with a single work-related website like your company’s intranet homepage or any other web page.

Get Panic [Firefox add-on] - Please note that Panic will close all open websites not just hide them from view by minimizing Firefox. Thanks Pratham.