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Google Knol is now Open to Everyone

Google Knol, the Wikipedia-like service that was released in its first alpha phase in December last year is now available to everyone.

Though the key concept of both Google Knol and Wikipedia is same but both services focus on different aspects of open-source knowledge sharing and in no way Google Knol can be tagged as a Wikipedia Killer.


As discussed by me already, Google Knol does not fall under the standard definition of a Wiki and also focuses on authorship while Wikipedia is free for everyone to edit and focuses on content. So basically both the services are different.

In Google Knols, authors can write on any article known as a Knol and each Knol is associated with an author which describes only their views and opinion so of course there can be multiple Knols on a particular subject.

Another cool feature of Google Knol is moderated collaboration which allows users from all over the world to suggest changes to a Knol and the author has full right to accept, reject or alter the suggest change. This makes Google Knol more social and interactive.

More features include comments, rate, review and Google Adsense revenue sharing.

To get started with a Knol, follow the link.

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